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Why aren’t Muslims storming Syrian embassies?

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Syrian civilians flee
Crescent International
The answer to the above question can be found, in part, in the cover stories of Crescent International for the issues of August and September 2012. Many Muslims don’t accept the Western propaganda, which would have us believe that, in the tradition of Gunsmoke, there is a good guy and a bad guy in this conflict — one wearing a white hat and the other wearing a black hat — and that the various outside forces involved are simply trying to aid the former’s fight for freedom and justice. Both the United States and Israel have an interest in seeing Syria trashed and partitioned, while Saudi Arabia has an interest in any effort to replace the Alawite regime in Damascus with a Sunni one — whatever the cost, in terms of civilian casualties. The latter are inevitable, in view of the Free Syrian Army’s tactic of seizing residential areas and then attempting to hold them against government forces. If the rebels were not the “good guys”, we would immediately accuse them of using civilians as human shields. And we would have no difficulty in seeing that they, too, commit atrocities. Indeed, I would not like to be an Alawite or a Christian in Syria if the rebels, who include many jihadists from abroad, win this war. Such minorities could suffer the fate of the black people in Libya, even if, in some cases, they don’t support the regime. Similarly, a future US ambassador could find that “past services” to the jihadists don’t guarantee immunity from attack.

The cartoon is from The Dominion Post of September 22, 2012. The cartoonist is Tom Scott.

NZ loses two soldiers in Afghanistan: The Dom-Post’s view

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New Zealand loses two soldiers in Afghanistan
The Dominion Post of August 7, 2012. The cartoonist is Tom Scott.

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Taliban ‘working for a better yesterday’?

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Taliban 'working for a better yesterday'?Afghan record shop, 1960s The problem, here, is that Dominion Post cartoonist Tom Scott doesn’t know what the Afghanistan of “yesterday” was like. In reality, it was a country that was confidently moving into the modern age — although the record shop on the left, in a photo from the 1960s, was not the kind of place you would have found outside Kabul. (To see more pictures from that era, go to Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…) The cartoon was published on August 11, 2010, and is a comment on the case of Bibi Aisha, who was allegedly mutilated by her husband, allegedly on the orders of a “Taliban court”. (I put the latter words in quotation marks because I doubt any court purporting to be Islamic would come up with a sentence for which there is no provision in Islamic law.)

Ann Jones, who says she knows Aisha, says in The Nation (August 12, 2010): “She told me that her father-in-law caught up with her after she ran away, and took a knife to her on his own; village elders later approved, but the Taliban didn’t figure at all in this account. The Time story*, however, attributes Aisha’s mutilation to a husband under orders of a Talib commander, thereby transforming a personal story, similar to those of countless women in Afghanistan today, into a portent of things to come for all women if the Taliban return to power.”

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It’s called ‘Tweaking Uncle Sam’s nose’

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It's called 'Tweaking Uncle Sam's nose'
Tom Scott’s cartoon from The Dominion Post of March 16, 2010.

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