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Two masters of the expansive gesture

Posted in egypt, israel by Blimp deflator on March 27, 2011

Two masters of the expansive gesture
Ah, those were the days! This charming snap of George W Bush and chum Hosni Mubarak is from the March 2011 edition of Australia/Israel Review — a magazine I have been receiving through my employer. But as I am retiring on March 31, I will no longer be able to quote from it in my blog posts at

Glancing at the article by Jeremy Jones on the back cover, the following passage caught my eye:

    As Gerard Henderson has noted, there is a diversity in the Greens, with some members socially progressive or genuinely concerned with environmental issues, while others are simply reactionary — opposed to progress, jealous of and angry at people who have been socially or economically successful, and in need of hatred and diversion elsewhere to complement their own contempt for others. / The Israel boycotters are in the latter category. . .

Don’t you just love Zionist analysis?

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