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Invasion of Afghanistan wasn’t legal

Posted in afghanistan by Blimp deflator on April 21, 2013

Invasion not legal In an article headlined “Afghan war troubling for Clark, Key”, published in the Manawatu Standard on April 6, 2013, reporter Tracy Watkins quotes former prime minister Helen Clark as saying:

I didn’t have any qualms about the legality [of Afghanistan]. It was absolutely legal. But it was also just the knowledge that Afghanistan as it was had been a failed state and, in failed states, very bad things can happen, including what are obviously terror groups like al Qaeda being able to move around with impunity.

Watkins continues: “She is comfortable she can look the families of all our combat casualties in the eye in the belief New Zealand did the right thing.”

I would say that without hesitation. Just as I would say to families who lost loved ones in World War II, the cause was right.

MY NOTE: So if a country is a “failed state” (as defined by us), it’s okay to invade it, and kill thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of people? And no doubt, like the criminal Tony Blair, she’d “do it all again”. See Helen Clark on Afghanistan in 2001 at

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