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Tom Scott, you’re clueless

Posted in islam, syria by Blimp deflator on March 28, 2013

Iran on Syria
This isn’t the first time that Dominion Post cartoonist Tom Scott has paraded his ignorance on the Middle East. In the above cartoon, published on February 7, 2013, he first naively accepts the Israeli claim that Israel “attack[ed] missile shipments bound for Lebanon”.

(On January 31, 2013, Aljazeera reported: “It is unclear . . . what the exact nature of the target of Wednesday’s air strikes was. Syrian state media said that the strikes targeted a military research centre near Damascus, while regional security sources told the Reuters and AP news agencies that the target was a convoy of trucks allegedly carrying anti-aircraft missiles for Hezbollah in Lebanon.”)

Next, Scott claims the “Syrian Government attacks Syrian people . . .” as though the conflict were as simple as that. Actually, it’s complex, and involves a number of players, including Sunni jihadist groups made up of fighters from around the Muslim world. Some of these groups are supported by the Western powers, the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Increasingly, it’s a sectarian conflict, pitting Sunnis against Alawites and other minorities (including Christians), rather than a rebellion by disfranchised civilians against an autocratic ruler.

The objectives, as far as the Western powers are concerned, are to remove another obstacle to Israeli hegemony in the region, to cut the link between Iran and Hezbollah, and to lay the groundwork for an attack on Iran. They aren’t too concerned about the “evil dictator” Bashar al-Assad, as they are only too happy to do business with Third World dictators who play ball.

NOTE: The above clipping is from The Dominion Post of February 12, 2013.

Why aren’t Muslims storming Syrian embassies?

Posted in syria by Blimp deflator on October 6, 2012

Syrian civilians flee
Crescent International
The answer to the above question can be found, in part, in the cover stories of Crescent International for the issues of August and September 2012. Many Muslims don’t accept the Western propaganda, which would have us believe that, in the tradition of Gunsmoke, there is a good guy and a bad guy in this conflict — one wearing a white hat and the other wearing a black hat — and that the various outside forces involved are simply trying to aid the former’s fight for freedom and justice. Both the United States and Israel have an interest in seeing Syria trashed and partitioned, while Saudi Arabia has an interest in any effort to replace the Alawite regime in Damascus with a Sunni one — whatever the cost, in terms of civilian casualties. The latter are inevitable, in view of the Free Syrian Army’s tactic of seizing residential areas and then attempting to hold them against government forces. If the rebels were not the “good guys”, we would immediately accuse them of using civilians as human shields. And we would have no difficulty in seeing that they, too, commit atrocities. Indeed, I would not like to be an Alawite or a Christian in Syria if the rebels, who include many jihadists from abroad, win this war. Such minorities could suffer the fate of the black people in Libya, even if, in some cases, they don’t support the regime. Similarly, a future US ambassador could find that “past services” to the jihadists don’t guarantee immunity from attack.

The cartoon is from The Dominion Post of September 22, 2012. The cartoonist is Tom Scott.