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The North Korean ‘juggler’

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North Korea
Meanwhile, the United States threatens Iran with nuclear annihilation (“all options are on the table”) on a daily basis. The cartoon by Tom Scott is from The Dominion Post of April 9, 2013.

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When only ‘selfish busybodies’ opposed smoking

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Stubbing out ciggy habit

Above: My letter of April 6, 2013, to the editor of the Manawatu Standard. The two doctors mentioned above were Charles Noble and David Chrisp. They deserve to be named and shamed. (Their names were in my original letter, but were removed by the editor.) Below: The 1978 Manawatu Standard article by then-editor John Harvey. During the next few years, he and tobacco industry groups tried to turn the “right to smoke” almost everywhere into a civil rights issue.

Anti-smokers warned

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Take me with you, please

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Goodbye Afghanistan
As in the case of Vietnam, the local collabora-
tors are desperate to leave with us. Cartoon by Malcolm Evans from the Manawatu Standard of April 6, 2013.

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Way to crucifixion barred

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Separation barrier
If the Berlin Wall was an obscenity, why isn’t the Palestine Wall an obscenity? Cartoon by Malcolm Evans from the Manawatu Standard of March 28, 2013.

10th anniversary of the Iraq War

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Iraq War anniversary
Cartoon by Malcolm Evans from the Manawatu Standard of March 20, 2013.

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We’ll do almost anything to please our masters in Washington

Posted in afghanistan, new zealand, united states by Blimp deflator on April 1, 2013

War graves
Yes, that’s the long and the short of New Zealand’s “involvement” in Afghanistan. The cartoon, by Malcolm Evans, is from the Manawatu Standard of March 18, 2013.

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Shades of Nelson: Britain’s one-eyed foreign policy

Posted in britain, syria by Blimp deflator on March 31, 2013

One-eyed foreign policy
Does the average Westerner still believe that the “people” (jihadists) fighting the Syrian regime are “defenceless”? No doubt he/she does, as that is what the authorities would like us to believe. It fits in with their plan for the dismemberment of Syria, and the creation of several mini-states in its place. Actually, that is their plan for the entire “Middle East”, which must contain no power both able and willing to challenge the dominance of Israel. In the Western scenario, every sect and ethnic group will have its own cabbage patch surrounded by razor wire and minefields — to be defended at any cost against its erstwhile compatriots. Hatred, paranoia, and petty nationalism are to reign supreme. What a depressing prospect!

The cartoon, by Malcolm Evans, is from the Manawatu Standard of March 9, 2013.

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Tom Scott, you’re clueless

Posted in islam, syria by Blimp deflator on March 28, 2013

Iran on Syria
This isn’t the first time that Dominion Post cartoonist Tom Scott has paraded his ignorance on the Middle East. In the above cartoon, published on February 7, 2013, he first naively accepts the Israeli claim that Israel “attack[ed] missile shipments bound for Lebanon”.

(On January 31, 2013, Aljazeera reported: “It is unclear . . . what the exact nature of the target of Wednesday’s air strikes was. Syrian state media said that the strikes targeted a military research centre near Damascus, while regional security sources told the Reuters and AP news agencies that the target was a convoy of trucks allegedly carrying anti-aircraft missiles for Hezbollah in Lebanon.”)

Next, Scott claims the “Syrian Government attacks Syrian people . . .” as though the conflict were as simple as that. Actually, it’s complex, and involves a number of players, including Sunni jihadist groups made up of fighters from around the Muslim world. Some of these groups are supported by the Western powers, the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Increasingly, it’s a sectarian conflict, pitting Sunnis against Alawites and other minorities (including Christians), rather than a rebellion by disfranchised civilians against an autocratic ruler.

The objectives, as far as the Western powers are concerned, are to remove another obstacle to Israeli hegemony in the region, to cut the link between Iran and Hezbollah, and to lay the groundwork for an attack on Iran. They aren’t too concerned about the “evil dictator” Bashar al-Assad, as they are only too happy to do business with Third World dictators who play ball.

NOTE: The above clipping is from The Dominion Post of February 12, 2013.

A Menorah for the new millennium

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Happy Hanukkah
Comment on Evans cartoon

My published reply to the above comment was:

I write in response to Tim Goodman’s criticism of your cartoonist, Malcolm Evans (Letters, January 7).

Evans is one of the few cartoonists who understand that the Palestinians are, in reality, a captive, powerless and oppressed people.

Calling for “negotiations” between Israel and the Palestinians is like calling for negotiations between a lion and a one-legged lamb over what to have for dinner.

Having already eaten three of the lamb’s legs, and found them very much to his liking, the lion can’t wait to devour the rest of the poor animal.

The only problem is: How to hoodwink the world into believing the lion is the champion of righteousness, while the lamb is a dirty rat that richly deserves its fate.

That’s where the Orwellian Zionist propaganda machine steps in.

NOTE: The cartoon appeared in the Manawatu Standard on January 3, 2013. Tim Goodman’s letter appeared on January 7, 2013. I have no record of when my letter was published.

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War junkie gets his fix

Posted in united states by Blimp deflator on March 25, 2013

War junkie gets his fix Another year, and the promise — indeed, the certainty — of more war. Yep, that’s what Uncle Sam lives for. As he slouches on economic skid row, it’s the only thing that makes him feel really alive. The cartoon, by Malcolm Evans, is from the Manawatu Standard of January 1, 2013.

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