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Shamir puts down roots in West Bank

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Shamir puts down roots
I found this cartoon from 1988 while clearing out some old papers. It’s as relevant today as it was then.

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Way to crucifixion barred

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Separation barrier
If the Berlin Wall was an obscenity, why isn’t the Palestine Wall an obscenity? Cartoon by Malcolm Evans from the Manawatu Standard of March 28, 2013.

Miscegenation: the secret fear of the supremacist state

Posted in israel, palestine by Blimp deflator on February 24, 2013

Jewish girls 'trapped'
Really? Given the power of the state of Israel, as well as its ruthlessness in dealing with the Palestinians, one struggles to believe there are thousands of Jewish girls living in a state of captivity in “Arab villages”. I would suggest that the vast majority of the girls are there because they want to be there — because they want to be with their Palestinian lovers. And that’s what hurts the apartheid state: the thought that Jews and Arabs are having sex, and thereby threatening to pollute the sacred Jewish gene pool. It’s not that the Jewish girls have to be saved from the Arabs, but that, in the eyes of the Jewish authorities, they have to be saved from themselves.

Two views of the Gaza conflict: One good, one not so good

Posted in israel, palestine by Blimp deflator on January 7, 2013

Palestinian paper dart
The above cartoon by Malcolm Evans, from the Manawatu Standard of November 20, 2012, gets it right: The Palestinians are, in military terms, virtually powerless in the face of Israel’s vast arsenal. The cartoon below, from The Dominion Post of November 20, 2012, is less satisfactory. For a start, cartoonist Tom Scott almost equally divides the window in which he works, giving the impression there is some kind of parity here. Next, he has the misleading line “Keeping hate alive in the Holy Land” between his depiction of two Palestinian rockets being fired at Israel and Israel retaliating by firing a missile at Gaza. Actually, the intermittent “war” between Israel and Gaza has nothing to do with the “two sides” keeping hate alive; it has everything to do with Israel’s relentless punishment of a captive population, which cannot retaliate with more than token gestures of defiance. I do, however, appreciate the number — 766 — on the tail of the Israeli jet. Just change the seven to a six, and you get the biblical “Number of the Beast”. Very appropriate!

Keeping hate alive in the Holy Land

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Israel now ‘the only true monotheistic country in the Mideast’

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Unique night with Israeli ambassador

So as well as being the “only true democratic country in the Middle East”, Israel is also the “only true monotheistic country in the Middle East”.

The first claim has been made a thousand times, and may remain partly true if the West prevents democracy from emerging in Egypt and other states swept by the “Arab Spring”. I say “partly true” because Israel is a democracy for Jews — just as apartheid South Africa was a democracy for whites. If you’re an Arab citizen of Israel, you’re a second-class citizen with limited rights that are constantly being eroded; if you’re an Arab resident of the Occupied Territories, which include East Jerusalem, you have almost no rights. Those in both categories are candidates for ethnic cleansing, which will probably be pursued under the cover of a future regional crisis. And as the Arabs are dispossessed and driven out — as the criminal project of 1948 is completed — the Christian Zionists will cheer from the sidelines. For them, the Arabs can simply “get lost”, even if they happen to be Arab Christians — the wrong kind of Christians.

The second claim — that Israel is the “only true monotheistic country in the Middle East” — is interesting, however, in view of Islam’s uncompromising monotheism, and in view of the sacralization of Israel by its supporters. It goes without saying that one cannot worship both the Almighty and the Zionist Security State, and claim to remain a monotheist.

To move on: How nice it is to hear, once again, from Mr Tzur that “peace [is] on the lips of all Israelis and in their hearts” as they seek “mutual acceptance” in the Middle East — something that, as a matter of fact, they could have had a long time ago if they had not been greedy and wanted the whole of historic Palestine, and if they had not sought unchallenged domination of the entire region. No doubt the useful idiots who attended this “unique night”, at Bethlehem College in Tauranga, lapped up every word that Mr Tzur had to say.

The article is from Challenge Weekly of June 27, 2011.

The Wandering Who?

Posted in books, history, israel, palestine, religion by Blimp deflator on January 27, 2012

The Wandering Who?The Wandering Who? by Gilad Atzmon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Essential reading for anyone interested in the issues of Zionism, Judaism, Jewish-ness, anti-Semitism, and history in general. (Atzmon maintains that Zionism “developed as a reaction to the emancipation of European Jewry”, when it was realized that this “might lead to the disappearance of the Jewish identity”. He further maintains that Zionism drew strength from a “created image of emerging anti-Semitism” . . . “a myth of persistent persecution”. Hence Herzl’s displeasure when French Jews, in the wake of the Dreyfus affair, showed signs of feeling “truly emancipated”.)

Elsewhere, Atzmon shows how a tribal cult like Zionism, which by its nature is exceptionalist, is incompatible with a universalist ethic, and suggests that nothing truly progressive can be expected from a state, such as Israel, that clings relentlessly to “a phantasmic, invented yesterday”. Appositely, he notes that Britain and America have also abandoned a “true historical discourse” in favor of a “banal and simplistic historic tale to do with WWII, Cold War, Islam, 911, etc”.

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EXTRACT: The Holocaust religion [as first postulated by Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz] is the conclusive and final stage in the Jewish dialectic: it is the end of Jewish history, for it is the deepest and most sincere form of ‘self-love’. Rather than requiring an abstract God to designate the Jews as the Chosen People, in the Holocaust religion the Jews cut out this divine middleman and simply choose themselves. Jewish identity politics transcends the notion of history — God is the master of ceremonies. The new Jewish God, i.e. ‘the Jew’, cannot be subject to any human contingent occurrence. Thus the Holocaust religion is protected by laws, while every other historical narrative is debated openly by historians, intellectuals and ordinary people. The Holocaust sets itself as an eternal truth that transcends critical discourse.

Israeli ‘spy’ story cracks New Zealand couch potato’s apathy

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Israeli 'spy' story cracks Kiwi couch potato's apathy
Cartoon from the Manawatu Standard of July 21, 2011. Don’t worry, our lounge lizard will soon go back to sleep again. And next time the affable Israeli envoy comes calling, you can be sure the worthies of Palmerston North will give him a warm (if not rapturous) reception.

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Palestine Gallery: Pictures from 1879

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Palestine Gallery: Pictures from 1879
My Palestine Gallery of historic engravings can now be accessed from The virtual world of adilbookz.

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Bin Laden’s execution was legal under US law, says NZ lawyer

Posted in pakistan, palestine by Blimp deflator on May 23, 2011

Bin Laden's execution was legal under US law, says NZ lawyer
Article from the Manawatu Standard of May 21, 2011. (Click to enlarge it.) Anyone wishing to respond to this or any other article in the Standard should write, giving their signature, name, home address and daytime telephone number, to editor (at) or to PO Box 3, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Letters should be no more than 200 words long.

My comment on the article:

Liam Hehir states (Manawatu Standard, May 21): “He (bin Laden) orchestrated the killing of 3000 innocent people in just one morning.”

Where is the evidence to support this allegation?

On June 5, 2006, Rex Tomb, chief of investigative publicity for the FBI, said “9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted page … because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11”.

Furthermore, The 9/11 Commission Report alleges that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was “the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks”.

I also question Hehir’s claim there were “Arab celebrations on September 11, 2001”.

At the time, we were repeatedly shown a video clip of a small number of Palestinians celebrating in East Jerusalem – an indication, I suggest, that such celebrations were neither large nor widespread. Certainly, the obscene glee of some Palestinians cannot be generalised to the entire Arab population.

Incidentally, Nawal Abdel Fatah, the woman seen cheering in this clip, said later that she was offered cake as a reward for celebrating on camera, and was frightened when she saw the pictures on television afterwards.

It should also be pointed out to Hehir that the “war on terrorism” is not a war, but a subterfuge. The United States was not “drawn” into its various military adventures in the Muslim world. Using 9/11 as a casus belli, it proceeded to execute plans that were already in place.

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Israel’s critics are hypocrites, says Zionist hack

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Israel's critics are hypocrites, says Zionist hackIsrael's critics are hypocrites, says Zionist hack Israel's critics are hypocrites, says Zionist hack

“Pox on both their houses,” says Joel Brinkley, disingenuosly disavowing the pro-Zionist stance that is implicit in any attempt to establish an equivalence between the two sides in this dispute — something you can’t do, of course, unless you divorce the dispute from its historical context, pretend the principles of justice don’t apply here, and ignore the tremendous disparity, in terms of military and economic power, between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Shame on you, Joel Brinkley, for spending so much time in occupied Palestine, and nevertheless failing to see that the Zionist endeavor is a particularly vicious form of colonialism with a genocidal impulse.

The article is from The Dominion Post of June 16, 2010. The Dom-Post presumably thinks that, by giving space to this sort of Zionist trash, it is providing “balanced” coverage of the issue.

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