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Nixon’s vacated desk, 1974

Posted in united states by Blimp deflator on September 9, 2013

The Truth Stops Here
These days, the truth stops long before it reaches the Oval Office. The cartoon is from the Los Angeles Times.

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Shamir puts down roots in West Bank

Posted in israel, palestine by Blimp deflator on September 5, 2013

Shamir puts down roots
I found this cartoon from 1988 while clearing out some old papers. It’s as relevant today as it was then.

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The roots of ‘jihadism’

Posted in islam, united states by Blimp deflator on September 4, 2013

As I said in my previous post, I have been looking at a few of the analyses of current events that I have been receiving from the Stratfor think tank. Another statement that I took issue with was:

“…as long as the ideology of jihadism survives, its adherents will pose a threat…”

to which I replied:

As long as the US continues its push for global domination, in part by attacking, invading, occupying and brutalizing Muslim countries, there will be “jihadism”. It’s your baby, just as Hezbollah is Israel’s baby. Where was Hezbollah before Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982? Where was “jihadism” before the US started its cynical, self-serving meddling in the Middle East?

Furthermore, your claim that al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 is absurd. The planning of 9/11 began in the 1960s in the philosophy classes of Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago, and was developed by people with dual Israeli/American citizenship in what became known as the neoconservative movement. As former Italian President Francesco Cossiga said in 2007, all intelligence agencies know that 9/11 was run by the Mossad. The planes flying into buildings, the cries of “al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda”, were just a spectacular diversion for the masses. What we have here is an example, par excellence, of Joseph Goebbels’ Big Lie — the lie that is so huge, so stupendous that everyone believes it.

And why would members of a Zionist/neocon cabal kill thousands of their fellow citizens in an act of the most egregious evil? Well, you have to go back to the Nazi philosophies of Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt for the answer to that one.

FBI sting operations are entrapments

Posted in united states by Blimp deflator on September 4, 2013

Some time ago, I put myself on the Stratfor think tank’s mailing list. I even read a few of their analyses of current events, which proved to be ultra-conservative. (No surprises there!) In one, I found the following statement:

“…law enforcement and intelligence officials . . . have developed very effective programs of identifying grassroots operatives and drawing them into sting operations.”

to which I replied as follows:

But can they, in all cases, be described as “grassroots operatives” at the time they are initially approached by the FBI? I suspect that, in some cases, they are confused, simple-minded, or mentally unbalanced people who succumb to the persuasive talk of the FBI agent and “buy” his plot. The “operative” accepts equipment from the agent and dutifully follows his instructions, and is then arrested. The FBI agent then poses as a savior of society. But is he? Would the “operative” have attempted to commit a terrorist act if he had not been approached, and entrapped, by the agent? That is the question that has to be asked, but which your article does not address.

Your analysis of “radicalization” is also deficient. One does not have to be radicalized by “jihadist ideology” or by higher “tiers” of some jihadist structure. All one has to do is read the news – the daily reports of thousands of innocent people being dispossessed, tortured and killed by the Americans in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and elsewhere as they pursue their bogus “war on terror”, which is actually designed to advance American interests abroad and stifle dissent at home. Actually, the Americans are hypocritical, as they are happy to support al-Qaeda elements when the objectives of those elements coincide with America’s, as in Afghanistan (in the 1980s), Libya and Syria. It is not for nothing that al-Qaeda has been called “America’s foreign legion”. As Tony Cartalucci has pointed out, al-Qaeda, to the Americans, is both ally and “perpetual casus belli”. America must have a perpetual casus belli, because it doesn’t make much, these days, apart from weapons, and it doesn’t do much, and can’t do much, except wage war. It is only with its military that it can compete with China, which is probably its ultimate enemy.