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McCully mouths ‘humanitarian’ claptrap at UN

Posted in new zealand, syria by Blimp deflator on October 23, 2012

Murray McCully at the UN
“McCully” is Murray McCully, New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. The cartoonist, Evans, observes that the UN is little more than a tool of US foreign policy — and that the US either “protects” or punishes civilians entirely in accordance with its strategic aims. The UN would, of course, have intervened in Syria, under the banner of R2P (“Responsibility to Protect”), if Russia and China, stung by the US-facilitated regime change in Libya, had not vetoed the resolution that would have ensured the Syrian regime quickly met a similar fate. The cartoon was published in the Manawatu Standard on October 1, 2012. The cartoonist is Malcolm Evans.

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