Blimp deflator: Letting out the gas

Crescent International, May 2010

Posted in uncategorized by Blimp deflator on May 23, 2010

Crescent International, May 2010Australia/Israel Review, May 2010
The May edition of Crescent International includes articles headlined “Obama’s nuclear hypocrisy exposed”, “Zionist Israel: the root cause of Middle East conflict”, “Zionist Israel: a colonial settler-squatter entity”, “What is Israel up to in the Caucasus?”, “Plight of the Roma Muslims in Bulgaria”, “Sarkozy wants complete ban on niqab in France”, and “Peak oil and the rise of political fascism”.

In “Zionist Israel: a colonial settler-squatter entity”, Zafar Bangash asks: “…how did political Zionism, a racist colonial enterprise, succeed in establishing intself in the heartland of Islam despite strong opposition from leading rabbis and the indigenous population of Palestine?”

Meanwhile, Australia/Israel Review asks, rhetorically: “What will happen when Iran gets the bomb?” Well, the first thing that will happen, assuming Iran does get the bomb, is that Israel will lose some of its untrammeled ability to threaten its neighbors.


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