Blimp deflator: Letting out the gas

Crescent International, February 2010

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Crescent International, February 2010Australia/Israel Review, February 2010
Some of the headlines in the February 2010 edition of Crescent International: Egypt’s Pharaoh enforces US-Zionist siege of Gaza; Pakistan supplants Iraq as lawless land; Eurasia’s energy wars: the US, China and Muslims in Pipelineistan; Russia’s imperial policies in the North Caucasus; Yemen: a war front in the global war of ideas; and Like Pakistan, the US too now a failed state.

In AIR’s February edition, the magazine’s New Zealand correspondent, Miriam Bell, predictably attacks activist John Minto’s “mob/cohort/crew” for daring to indulge in “un-sporting behaviour” (AIR’s headline) by protesting against the appearance of Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer in the ASB Tennis Classic in Auckland in January. Bell cites online polls that “showed that a majority of [New Zealand] respondents did not agree with Minto’s crusade” and quotes some sarcastic comments from the sports editor of the Herald on Sunday. But what do you expect from ignorant, complacent Kiwi sports fans? Turn the clock back to the 1970s and early 1980s, and you find these fans responding to the anti-South African apartheid protests with almost exactly the same arguments. And then, as now, they constituted a clear majority of the population.