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Crescent International, November 2009

Posted in religion by Blimp deflator on November 28, 2009

Crescent International, November 2009
Australia/Israel Review, November 2009
In this month’s edition of Crescent International, Zafar Bangash has contributed a “special report” entitled “How Western governments and media spread Islamophobia”. In this five-page article, he notes that terrorists are invariably presented as pious Muslims by the Western media. “[Yet] it was also reported that the night before the [9/11] attacks, most of the alleged hijackers [went] to nightclubs to drink and dance.” Bangash also makes some excellent points in his “Reflections” article, which is headlined “Nationalism and sectarianism tearing the Ummah apart”. In my opinion, few things are more stupid than nationalism/patriotism. I never wave the flag, never sing the national anthem. Other articles in the latest edition of Crescent include two editorials: “US-backed terrorist group attacks Iran”, and “Goldstone report confirms Zionist war crimes”.

The latest edition of Australia/Israel Review has the words “The Terror Triangle” superimposed on a map of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also superimposed is a picture of some smiling Pashtun tribesmen wielding weapons, whom we are presumably expected to regard as terrorists. But as many observers have pointed out, the principal aim of such “terrorists” or “insurgents” is simply to expel the foreign forces that are occupying their country. Ironically, the main terrorist organization operating in the area is the United States military, which sends drones to fire missiles into the suspected homes/meeting places of those who oppose its criminal activities – almost always killing large numbers of women and children.

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